Visited ubonkw Salmiya Branch to try out their new menu, &

Visited ubonkw Salmiya Branch to try out their new menu, &


Visited ubonkw Salmiya Branch to try out their new menu, & loved it! They have introduced new items, & upgraded others to make it more flavorful All the curries come with your choice of rice now & they made the starters in smaller portions to allow you to try more things, you have an option to ask for dishes without oyster sauce too now Our orders were: From the small plates: Tuk-tuk potatoes, the crunch is lovely, but it’s very spicy | Cheese Wontons; super crispy n cheesy, don’t forget to dip into the ginger yogurt sauce | Bangkok Beef; one of their best starters, it was kept the same, but it comes in 2 pieces instead of 4 now
Shrimp Tom Yum Soup; a soup for the soul
Main Courses: Pineapple chicken they combined 2 of their old best sellers; the sriracha chicken & pineapple rice into a new delicious signature dish Loved the presentation too | Royal Prawns: their new sea dish, jumbo prawns with a Thai herb sauce served on a bed of garlic rice, the flavors are so beautiful
Short Ribs Red Curry with White Rice: the ribs were perfectly cooked, it had pieces of coconut shoots (the edible pieces at the top of the coconut plam for those who are wondering, it almost tastes like potatoes nothing weird through) & baby-corn I loved the new texture of the curry
Had Moringa Lime for a drink, was so refreshing the first time I order something other than coconut mango
‎زرت أبون فرع السالمية عشان أجرب المنيو الجديد في بعض الأطباق اللي تماماً جديدة ومعظم الأطباق القديمة طوروا فيها من ناحية الشكل والطعم وضافولها نكهات ألذ أطباق المشاركة صغرو كمياتها حتى تقدرو تجربو أنواع أكتر وصار فيكم تطلبو الأطباق بدون صلصة المحار شوفو الهاي لايت لتعرفو شو جربت بهالزيارة، الرز بالأناناس عجيب دمجو السيراشا تشكن مع الرز بالأناناس وصارو يتقدمو مع بعض هلا حتى طريقة التقديم كتير حلوة شوربة التوم يم رهيبة خصوصاً بهالجو كتير حبيت لسعة الحرارة فيها كانت تجربة موفقة ولذيذة ✨
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