Round 167: Return of the Master! All about you, no more

Round 167: Return of the Master! All about you, no more


Round 167: Return of the Master!

All about you, no more bad burgers
And yes they are right ❤ wimpyegypt has finally returned, bringing lots of memories for all their fans, with their amazing burgers and chicken sandwiches ❤❤

There was no better way to start a Friday, we were very excited to go and made it there really early You can check my highlights for more photos and videos

The new 1st branch is in Elmohandsin, and the interiors are really beautiful
The staff & management were super friendly and kind, which added more greatness to the whole experience ❤❤

We ordered:
1x Triple Old School
2x Double Bacon B
1x Double Wimpy B
1x Single Spicy B
1x Double Cheese Chicky Fillet
1x Pury Wrapper
1x Hawt Crinkles
2x Cheese Fries
1x Pepsi Machine
1x Mojito
3x Ocean Breezy

From the first bite to the last sip all I can taste is pure excellence of top notch quality Everything is done the closest way to perfection and done with love and care ❤❤
All burgers are incedibly juicy, smashed patties done right ❤❤ and the chicken sandwiches were so delicious as well, and so were the fries ❤❤ and as for the drinks, they are brilliantly refreshing, and very needed in this summer

– Taste: 10/10
– Quality: 100/10 (Yes)
– Portions: 10/10
– Service: 100/10 (yes)
– Prices: 10/10 (I rarely give this rating here)
– Atmosphere: 10/10
– Overall rating: BEYOND EXCELLENT ❤❤
Thank you so much wimpyegypt for the one-of-a-kind experience, and I really can’t wait for more branches for you across all Egypt ❤❤❤
And of course thanks to jessy tastes & abdelrahmaanshoukryy the best food partners ☺❤❤

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