Le Petit Poulet “the little chicken in French” a restaurant

Le Petit Poulet “the little chicken in French” a restaurant


Le Petit Poulet “the little chicken in French” a restaurant opened earlier this year serving delicious dishes from the French cuisine with beautiful interiors, details, & fascinating music that’ll take you on a dreamy journey This is my second visit to the place, and this is what we had: ▪ Soup: warmed up with the Mushroom Soup, I had their Onion Soup on my last visit & they are both so good ▪ Appetizers: Fried Cheesy Mushrooms with marinara dip || Beef Bruschetta (A MUST HAVE) a toasted baguette with creamy mushroom sauce and beef tenderloin fillet on top || Crispy Duck Salad
▪ Main Course: Le Petit Poulet (Another MUST HAVE) it’s their signature dish, the chicken is so tender & the seasoning is just amazing! Put the gloves on & eat it using your hands to enjoy the experience the way you should! Oh & those fries on the side are so crunchy and yum PS I had this chicken twice last week on lunch break… it’s that good!
We also had the Black Pepper Steak juicy tenderloin slices with pepper sauce and mashed potato on the side Both courses were good but the Chick wins! ▪ Desserts: We ordered the brownies, which is good until you try the pumpkin cheesecake (the cheesecake I believe is not on the menu yet but it will be soon)
The place worth visiting, they have indoor and outdoor seating too, and available on Craves and Talabat for delivery
تغدينا الأسبوع الماضي بمطعم نوعاً ما جديد فتح أول هالسنة اسمه لا بتيت بوليت، المطعم فرنسي ومعناه الدجاجة الصغيرة واللي هي الطبق اللي بتميزو في، اللي بزور المطعم ضروري يجربها لانها صغيرة لحمها كتير طري والبهارات اللي مستعملينها كتير طيبة حتى البطاطا اللي بتيجي معها لذيذة! كل الأطباق اللي جربناها حبيناها بس المفضلين عندي كانو الشوربة، فيليه اللحم مع خبز البروشيتا، والدجاجة اللي عفكرة أكلتها مرتين الأسبوع الماضي قد ماهي عجيبة! المكان قعدتة وتفاصيله حلوة وحتى الميوزك اللي حاطينها بتعيشكم الجو على الآخر، مكانهم بالكويت عند نفق الدروازة
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