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  • delicious bagel and coffee and great interior. the team wwas very lovely as well!
  • Love this coffee shop! Great coffee, friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere. Recommended if you are in the vicinity of Canary Wharf underground station.
  • Went there 4 times in the last 8 days, 3 times the White Americano had no milk in it. Don't know why it's suddenly an issue, the previous 2 months were perfect. I always sit in the store and have it, maybe they only want a certain "profile" of people sitting inside?
  • Great coffee. I didn't like the blueberry muffin, it's okay. I will try Norweigian waffle next time
  • Good coffee. Awesome place to study and do some work.
  • You make of the best coffees I have ever tried, such a pleasure to find a place that really makes them at the perfect temperature every time. The staff is always polite as well and the shop is always clean and tidy even when it's busy. <3
  • Fantastic Coffee place. I am here everyday for my Earl grey tea. The staff who work there already know who I am. The staff also there give excellent customer service and also very polite and friendly attitude towards me always. When the coffee shop isn't busy I am ordering my tea I have a little chat with the staff. Even during these difficult times they still working hard and delivering excellent service. Keep up the good work guys and girls.
  • Coffee tastes average, on the burned side. Should not be serving coffee in disposable cups when having it in. Such an environmental waste plus not as pleasant as ceramic cups!
  • Lovely place. Really nice and friendly staff. Enjoyed sitting “outside” the cafe and watching the world go by.
  • I used to visit this place quite a lot when I lived in Canary Wharf and it has always served a unique and outstanding tasting coffee. The taste was rather strong/bitter, so if you like your coffee that way, you'll enjoy it. If you do not, you will still be presented with a multitude of milder options. The venue is really nice and cosy, there has always been a mint/orange/lemon flavoured water on the side table which you could get free of charge (hopefully this hasn't changed). The staff were always nice. It is a great place if you need to sit down and use your laptop, as it has multiple charging points. If you find yourself around Canary Wharf, definitely come and visit!
  • Smooth and delicious oat cappuccino. They don’t have enough vegan pastries even in Veganuary, but there are a couple and they’re mouth-watering. Tea is good as well. Pleasant place to work or meet. 10Mbit WiFi, throttles downloads. Lots of power sockets + USB outlets. Too loud for a pleasant chat.
  • Nice unique coffee shop. You can tell coffee is their passion. Had a double espresso felt it was a bit to bitter for me, however maybe this was just me personal tast. However still much better than the cheap high street blends. I really liked they had water on the tap and you just helped yourself. Plenty of charging points as well. Well done guys I like the brand!!
  • Still my favourite coffee since I tried their coffee 3 years ago.
  • New lady from east europe with glasses very rude as customer i asked a question because she was busy doing delivery orders she said to stop bothering her as she was busy. This morning saturday 24/07/2021. I think she is new because the other guys was always nice. Obviously she can't handle pressure. Dissapoint how can someone be so rude early morning.
  • One of the top coffee places for coffee geeks. The cafe is right on the lower level of the jubilee place mall in Canary wharf. Highly recommended if you want enjoy a good cuppa while on the run.
  • It’s nice to have coffee here. Staff are friendly and very relax atmosphere. I had some baklava before. It was nice!
  • Always great coffee and friendly staff
  • Good coffee, lovely vibes and very friendly staff
  • Best coffee shop for those who are lacto free
  • Their Ice Soya Latte taste amazing. I would say it's the best ice latte in London. Staff were extremely helpful and friendly.
  • Friendly environment and very good espresso
  • Lovely coffee served by a very friendly and helpful barista.
  • I generally like Black Sheep, but this time we ordered hot chocolates instead to warm us up later in the evening. Both were weak and served without any real love or presentation. Coffee is usually pretty good though here. Just need to sort out the other options
  • It was my first time for the black sheep coffee. The staff were friendly. Coffee was quite good and I felt good with the business surrounding. Just a bit more expensive than other franchised ones.
  • Ordered their waffles and iced coffee. It did not disappoint. Just what I needed whilst running my errands. The staff are super friendly. Massive shoutout to Dee, Alex and Gabriel (not sure if I spelt the names right) but thanks for the amazing service! Keep it up 🙂
  • Amazing place , amazing taste of coffee and i really like prices not expensive not cheap 2.80 for Americano ,,, finally i found something different place to spend time with edditing photos
  • Try the Black Hoof, it is especially good if you love coconut flavours. Also offers quite lite coffee flavours for the more subtley inclined
  • Great coffee, friendly service
  • Ok coffee and they don't accept cash. Won't be a regular.
  • Delicious coffee a tad expensive tho.
  • We placed an £80 delivery order with them and waited an hour to receive 5 cold coffees and the rest just missing with no explanation. We are literally 10 mins away and you do know how to make drinks extra hot right... Regardless wheres the other £50 worth of food/drinks DISGUSTING SERVICE will never use again
  • Great coffee, light on food options
  • Really nice iced matcha latte
  • Best coffee in London, delicious drinks and food, excellent friendly service
  • Was craving for waffle and couldn't get anywhere in canary wharf after searching a lot finally I found this. Giving 4* because we are not allowed to eat inside shop so had to get out and by that time it got cold..but taste is amazing
  • Great service, coffee, environment
  • Great service and coffee
  • Not too my taste. The bean they use, or maybe due to their process and preparation, left our cortado and cafe latte tasting awfully bitter, overly roasted and lacking the delightful presence of flavour. Nice setting though but we had our coffee to go.
  • Best coffee in lonodn
  • First time there ,thoroughly safe and enjoyable experience. Bit of a journey for me but I will return.
  • Friendly barista who ground beans in at three different levels so I could dial in my own espresso. Great coffee too.
  • love the coffee. used to come here every morning before i started work.
  • Very good!
  • Really nice atmosphere and lovely barista to speak to Shoutout to Aleks for the cute latte art this morning !
  • I like this place because they do a nice matcha latte with oat milk. It's a nice coffee shop to get some work done too. On the day I came they ran out of matcha hence 1 star taken off otherwise would be 5.
  • Nice place to sit and do some writing or work. Pleasant staff members too.
  • My review is about MATTIA. I got there when the place was about to close and asked for a filter coffee. Filter coffee had already been discarded as they were about to close by then and I got quite upset. Mattia was the most professional barista I have EVER encountered at any place. Extremely apologetic and sincerely engaged, he prepared a filter coffee from scratch in less than 2 minutes. He moved pots and mugs around with extreme speed and ground the coffee beans. I was super impressed! The level of customer service and the lack of EGO that this associate showed was unbelievable. Honestly, if I had a bar or a restaurant, he would be the first person I would hire for sure. These types of employees are almost an extinct species. Mattia genuinely cared about delivering the best experience and about turning my frustration into a great experience. I am extremely impressed about him and hope that the company will reward an impeccable employee like him. I got quite mad to be honest, but he didn't take it personally and instead put more effort into showing his care. 6 stars out of 5 from me. To the company: make sure you reward your best employees. They are your best asset Thanks Mattia
  • Amazing coffee, great customer service too
  • Good coffee.
  • Lacks atmosphere, owing to being in a shopping mall. But i imagine it is handy for those working nearby. Excellent coffee, as you would expect The food options here are limited contrasted to other outlets in this chain
  • Best coffee.
  • Not bad, though didn't really see a notable difference from the ubiquitous Costa Coffee and only marginally better than Starbucks. Employees seemed disinterested. Atmosphere seemed strangely dated, the Hot Topic of coffee shops.
  • Strong coffee , nice vibe , decent food
  • Coffee OK, and it's a nice and quiet corner if you are looking to do some reading etc. But dear me, the london-themed wall decorations - that bridge is not London bridge 🙂 American-tourist-mistake 🙂
  • Great customer service. Nice coffee. Try the waffles.
  • Came to try their coffee due to the review. Location is great and cool deco inside. Did not order short black so can’t comment on the beans but the Skim latte I ordered was terrible. The milk was not frothed well and over heated, TWICE. If your experienced with coffee, you can tell whether the coffee is good by hearing the sound of frothing milk. Maccas serve better coffee than that in Melbourne or Sydney. Very disappointed. Terrible terrible coffee.
  • The best coffee in town!! Customer service from another planet <3
  • Such a great place! Coffee is great and the team are so friendly. One staff member in particular (didn't get his name but he had ginger/brown hair and wore glasses) was so helpful - he knew loads about the different types of coffee and really took the time to help me out with my order - will definitely be back! Favourite coffee shop in the area for sure.
  • Reliable coffee, better (and slightly more expensive) than the usual chain cafes in the vicinity. Staff are welcoming and attentive
  • the service is excellent. Laptop friendly. Good pastries, but they seem to run out of them rather quickly. Overall, it's the best place to get coffee in Canary Wharf.
  • This place is great for coffee, depending on what day of the week you go and on who's behind the counter. Unfortunately, in particular in the weekends lately it seems that the staff seem not so happy to be there, having really loud music and conversations, not noticing customers are waiting to be served, milk overheated, several times, and (on separate occasion) filter coffee luke warm and with a lot of grounds in it, and wanting to charge again for another fresh one on top of it. Pity
  • Really cute place and nice vibe. Coffee is wonderful
  • The decor is stylish, however, the 'Hot Chocolate' was absolutely disgusting and undrinkable
  • so that was a waste. Would I try another drink? No Why? Because if you're simply unable to make a hot chocolate then that raises questions. McDonalds, Gregg's, and Costa do better drinks* in my opinion. (*I tried the hot chocolate*)
  • The place is quite hot, food does not look that appealing but they sure know how to do a good coffee! Lovely, smooth and just the right temperature. It is spacious and most people work away on their laptop so i felt really privileged not to be working. Music levels are generally low so it's a good place to meet for a chat. Service could be better with a little smile.
  • Coffee is better than most chains. Only issue with table height and uncomfortable high stools. Snacks look good but limited lunch options (not looking overly appetizing) prevent a 5* review
  • Very consistent if slightly pricey coffee, best in the mall itself. Good variety of colder drinks and good quality food offerings. My partner loves the stacked croissant 🙂 not so great for groups as tables trend to get gobbled up by laptops during the day..
  • Really Nice coffee (depending on whose made it). Nice deco. Wouldn't eat there.
  • Went this morning in need of a good coffee which I usually receive from Black Sheep however the woman that served me was unenthusiastic and my flat white didnt have the added vanilla that I wanted and it was literally milk. No sort of coffee in there, very disappointed. Please make sure you know what drinks you're making for customers
  • This place has a great vibe. The coffee is so great, they take time and make you an excellent cup of coffee. Beware and drink only decaf after 5pm or you will be awake way past midnight. Their staff are very friendly and go that extra mile to put a huge smile on your face, kudos to Raquel and Pedro.
  • Best coffee and the carrot cake!
  • Really nice coffee shop and staff friendly.
  • Good coffee and environment.
  • Best coffee in Canary Wharf. Hands Down.
  • It’s ok. I’ve been there twice so far. It has a good selection of coffee and have a good amount of tables. The staff are nice.
  • Favourite coffee shop on Canary Wharf, very much a "get what you pay for" as the prices are a bit higher than some chains but the quality of both the coffee and the service far exceeds other chains. Staff always polite and helpful but maintain a fun atmosphere within the coffee shop.
  • An oasis from the storm! A place to enjoy a relaxing coffee away from the mayhem outside. The staff are friendly and the coffee is good. Worth trying instead of one of the better known brands.
  • Friendly staff, good coffee and doesn't get mobbed in the mornings, so quite a nice place to sit and do some work.
  • Consistently awesome service and coffee ☕️
  • Staff nice and coffee hot just as I like to be
  • First time trying Black Hoof Coffee made with Coconut oil and cinnamon, was delicious!! Didn't get any burnt aftertaste like you do with most coffee shops, was very smooth The shop itself is very nice and cozy, has some pretty cool decors on the wall. Worth a try if your looking for a decent cup of coffee!
  • I am a very frequent customer of black sheep coffee in Canary Wharf and it by far is the best coffee I’ve had from any coffee shop! The staff are always amazing and friendly. Really chatty and always extremely polite and helpful even when they are busy! Great team of people.
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