Arro Coffee – The Temple of Coffee London

Arro Coffee – The Temple of Coffee Bishop’s Bridge Rd


Arro Coffee – The Temple of Coffee London

Bishop's Bridge Rd

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phone number : +44 20 7221 4600
Category : coffee shop
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  • Ohhh I love this place Every time I want a little bit of peace and just enjoy my coffee I go there. Beautiful cafe with super friendly and helpful staff. Delicious drinks (coffee, tea, turmeric latte etc). I am still yet to try their food but their is a great variety of pastry as well as breakfast and lunch menu
  • Nice deli and good coffee. Would recommend the hot chocolate with meringue
  • Pleasant venue, great almond flat white.
  • So if you are a coffe enthusiast, look no further. Freshly grinded beans, different blends. Croissants are fresh and tasty, vibe is exotic. Must try
  • Arro is a great coffee shop. Good choice of beans, freshly ground. The coffee is carefully and thoughtfully made and the flavour is sublime. I thoroughly recommend going for the barista for an hour experience. Alessandro was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and charming as a host. Also, you can get syphon and Turkish coffee here, you just have to ask. And as a bonus, the food is great too
  • Beautiful drinks that taste delicious! The seating area upstairs is also nice. I love to spend afternoons here. The staff are very friendly also
  • This place is not just about good coffee but good food, pleasant service and carefully designed interiors (while the space inside is limited, it’s laid out well). This coffee shop is worth a visit. P.S.: love that staff are down to earth, while they take pride in the brand, there is no hint of arrogance. Hope it stays this way.
  • An incredibly decadent hot chocolate - my go to treat at this place now
  • Good range of coffees and pastries
  • Nice place for a warm drink, with loads of coffee and tea options, including chai, turmeric and matcha lattes. Snacks options include cold and warm ones. Good and cozy ambient!
  • Little on the pricier end but good coffee and decent cake πŸ™‚
  • One of my favorite places in London! Real Italian courtesy. Best coffee in town. Staff is warm, attentive and fulfils your every desire. Is there something better than sitting on posh Westbourne Grove on a Saturday having an indulgent luxury breakfast with croissant, fresh orange juice, focaccia and coffee? DEFINETELY A MUST IF YOU APPRECIATEA 5 STAR EXPERIENCE.
  • One of my favourite coffee shops in London. Always good coffee and amazing plum cake!
  • Thanks to coffee master, Matteo for 'Barista for one hour' workshop. Matteo started the workshop by giving me a general an overview of the most common four species of coffee beans and showed me different brewing methods using french presser, paper filter and espresso machine. I truly enjoyed and expressed with Matteo's passion to make a perfect cup of coffee!
  • Lovely atmosphere, tasty food and friendly staff
  • Very different and cosy Italian coffee. Pricy a bit. But very nice plain panettone.
  • Can't complain, certainly, but with the reviews being so good, I expected somewhat more from my coffee. Cool place though, with a lot of different pastry options and some really good sicilian chocolate!!
  • Great coffee, with brunch options. I should have left room for the panettone...
  • Fantastic coffee and amazing staff. Used to come here every day while in London. I am not a fan of Panetone, but the Panetone they bring in from Italy, is AMAZING!. I'm trying to figure out how to get it from the UK back to Canada πŸ™‚
  • Very nice
  • Always a pleasure place and perfect coffee.
  • Excellent design. Friendly staff. Fresh food and the texture of the Sandwiches is great. Good coffee (Arro Golden) Drop by and enjoy your breakfast in London
  • Great place and nice staff. Definitely a place to try
  • One of the best coffee's ive ever had! Lovely staff. Italian coffee is just the best. I usually get Mocha's .they use melted chocolate for that. Yes, its incredible! Follow: may_god_modelling on IG for more food spots!
  • Great coffee and breakfast. Sweet and sour as well. Fresh products and quality ingredients.
  • This is a great location great customer service great tasting coffee all that you had one and it’s right next to Waitrose a day made perfect. Thank You!
  • Here every member of staff take their job and the food & drinks they serve you very seriously In one work this is your coffee and cacao beans specialist where you are vey unlikely to be disappointed
  • Coffee and sandwiches are great and staff is very friendly. One of our sandwiches wasn't good - probably bad luck - but without any comments this was replaced by a delicious one
  • Very good coffee! Nice atmosphere with lots of panettone around πŸ™‚ stylish and cosy interior.
  • Gorgeous fresh food, artisan chocolate , gourmet bread and speciality coffee
  • Seems to be quite a popular spot on the weekends ! The food was good, if though a little bit pricey especially the vegetarian-friendly items. The pastries are quite decadent. Worth a visit.
  • Fantastic Americano and Pistachio Croissant. Great service too. Thank you
  • Do you like to drink a creamy soft latte?come and try it by yourself.
  • Best coffee and hot chocolate in London, honestly. You can choose coffee from some countries and meliga from Italy. Best Italian pannetone ever. The stuff are incredible smiley and serviciales. The chocolate for their hot chocolate is honestly best chocolate. They have a fondant of hot chocolate and you can try the chocolate before preparing your hot chocolate.
  • The staff are friendly and I love the little tasters of different things when you go. Panettone, chocolate, cakes, unusual blends of coffee. They always take care with each coffee so you'll never go in one day and get a dud like you would in a big chain. And my new favourite thing is their melted chocolate in a shot to dip your pastry in! Why doesn't everyone do this!
  • One best coffe in London I love this place will be back
  • One of the best coffee places in the area, it's difficult not to grab some pastries as well when you are there as they always look delicious.
  • Staff friendly however it's overpriced, sweets not too tasty and wooden seats very uncomfortable.
  • Great coffee, breakfast and service.
  • Decent little place and a visual delight. Pricing/product info could be a bit clearer and the staff a little friendlier though...
  • Great coffee and I love their pistachio croissant
  • One of my favorite coffee spots in the neighborhood! I absolutely love their selection of savory bites and the coffee is perfect!
  • Love the coffee and ambiance
  • however they could do better with the seating. Downstairs are only bar stools type
  • upstairs have some proper chair. I ordered flatwhite but it came in this glass. Different presentation.
  • None of the drinks taste as good as they look. They also don't offer sugar syrup options for cold drinks.
  • Nice cafe. Good coffee and food. Good ambience.
  • Great coffee β˜• and great snacks ))
  • I have been a usual customer of Arro Coffee for almost two years and today I had a chance to talk to the creator and proud owner of this wonderful coffee-shop. Piero and I share common ideas and values in quality and hospitality. I am very happy to have discovered this cosy and authentic little cafe in London, a must try for anyone who wants a very good quality coffee with some unique pastries and other delicacies.
  • Mocha tasted great! Attendant also seemed friendly giving me her suggestions. Atmosphere was nice as well.
  • Easily the best coffee in London!
  • Excellent customer service! Amazing coffee and desserts!
  • I do not recommend this cafe this cafe at all. The most disrespectful workers, my mum went In the morning and complained about her coffee as she has every right to when it's burnt. instead of the employee understanding he proceeded to laugh in her face because of her accent. Absolutely disgusting.
  • Great customer service. Good food and coffee. Ticked all my boxes for a great brunch spot
  • Sadly made mistake and purchased the beans here for which I was trying to get more information such as coffee varietal of the Colombian and Ethiopian beans and was told by unknowledgeable barista word ''Acid''. Staff should be firstly more polite ( not Italian attitude ) and educated, no knowledge about coffee varietals, origins and when the beans were roasted was answered to me. After give a try and purchasing the beans and trying it on all possible method found very unfresh and unpleasant spicy and chocolate flavor of cheap coffee for which they charge crazy money. No this is not speciality coffee shop.
  • You can taste the difference to coffee chain coffees. Full of aroma.
  • Great coffee and amazing sandwiches, best I've had in a long time
  • Probably one of the best cappuccinos I’ve ever drank .. not mentioning the decor, the chocolates, the food .. 10/10
  • An Italian style cafe. Very serious about coffee. Quite nice place and good services. However it took too long for them to prepare my breakfast and the dish was of average standard.
  • The coffee is amazingly good but it's so hot inside you're literally boiling. And it's not summer yet - it's a cold spring day. I guess that's one way to keep customers away.
  • Tasty coffee, the mocha is very chocolatey.
  • Great custard croissants and fior di latte icecream. They are also on the too good to go app with really nice mistery boxes.
  • A good selection of bakes however pricing on the bakes should be labeled clearly. Also GBP 4.10 for a slice of panettone is not that pocket friendly, but the consolation was that it was good.
  • This is the best Italian coffe shop in London. Top in everything : from quality of the products to and amazing customer service. Prices are also resonable for the quality you get. You can also ask for a thick hot chocolate - the Italian style - as you can't have it nowhere else in London.
  • One of the best coffee I tried in London.
  • These guys know coffee. Don't bother going to the hundreds off PRET or Starbucks around London. This is definitely the place to get real coffee, with real beans and real grinds. I ordered filter. They ground my coffee within seconds, weighed the grounds for the exact weight, checked the water temperature and used the hario v60 for the filter. These are coffee pros, not your run of the mill coffee kids.
  • It's such a lovely place. For the real coffee drinkers, this is a haven.
  • I loveeeee this cafe!! Great service, good coffee and plenty of pastries, and lovely atmosphere!
  • Amazing, Amazing, honestly small shop but the best and great coffee, pastry and what a friendly staff too, walk in and dont hesitate as I was impressed
  • A cafe with such lovely decor and atmosphere is a rare find in London! I love their coffee and great selection of gifts, pastries, and cakes. Whenever I stop by for a coffee, I make sure to buy snacks to share the experience with my friends.
  • Absolutely love this place. Nice staff, drinks and amazing interior.
  • Lovely coffee shop. Great lattes great cakes
  • Best coffee and lunch in the area, lovely staff and great service! Plus very eco friendly, and a good selection of panettone
  • Coffee is really good.
  • Not very impressed
  • Great coffee and thanks for grinding some fresh coffee beans. You can choose your own. Patisseries a bit too sweet. The space is ok for a quick stopover. Not very child friendly due to cramped space.
  • I've discovered Arro Coffee shops recently, after lockdown. The first one I've visited is this one in Bishop's bridge Rd and then the one in Chiltern St. I'm an Italian living in London and I must recognise their authenticity and very high quality for coffee and croissants (typical italian breakfast), but also for ice-creams, panettoni, honey assortments, Modica's chocolates assortments (dairy-free and a must try from Sicily), their low calories and sugar free artisan biscuits and healthy dried fruit snacks. I've bought and tried them all! I also tried their brunch on a Saturday, with the classic salmon & avocado & scrambled eggs & black rice, with one of their fresh juices and a delicious ice-coffee. Healthy, tasty and great value for money. The service was also top, the staff was so nice! I highly recommend this place!
  • Amazing breakfast
  • best coffee in this area! Very enjoyable atmosphere and nice staff.
  • Nice quality coffee and coffeeshop
  • Decent v60.
  • Best coffee place in London. All the big chains should learn something about coffee from Arro!! Moreover you can find amazing Focaccias that i used to eat in Italy when i was young. I really love this place
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