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  • Delicious coffee. Very simple and basic. Cute garden out back.
  • The garden in the tear of the store looks fantastic. Coffee was very good. Had two cups and bought some beans. Recommend!
  • Delicious coffee and a beautiful back garden. Charming place all round. Will definitely be returning.
  • We came here to try their coffee after reading the reviews. The coffee is very good. If I was judging on coffee alone I would give this place 5 stars. However, the service is substandard. We ordered two coffees and they just forgot to make them. I went up after 15 minutes to ask if the coffee was coming and they kind of looked at each other and grumbled at why the other hadn't done it. It's a small cafe and they could see us sitting there with nothing in front of us. It was a weird atmosphere because it was clear that the two individuals working there didn't like each other and were not in the best of moods. Maybe I'd come back for a take away coffee but to be honest with so many options in the area it's worthwhile they up their service game!
  • They serve the best coffee in town! I love how they brewed coffees here. Creamy and tasty! Served best with toast and bagels! Definitely got to come back here and try other coffees in the morning.
  • The best coffee I’ve had so far in London. (At least compare to the whole street or area) Flat White tastes the best , fragrant and with layers. I’ve been to here for 4 times and had Piccolo £2.6 and Flat white £2.8 they offer oatcakes and some pastries. All very good (except for the oatcakes which was a bit too oily that day) Be great if staffs could be more friendly.
  • For me, the best tasting coffee in London. My 'go to' for beans. I buy from here or their stall at 'Little bread Pedlar' at Spa Terminus.
  • This cafe serves great coffee in a might-be rundown area, Lower Marsh, but only a few minutes walk from Waterloo station. It's stone-based interior reveals an authentic atmosphere of what it was before, a grocery store with a butcher counter. Friendly staff and reasonable prices, beans are always freshly roasted by themselves. They even offer some Greek biscuits. The only thing is when people have hot food the space can smile like what they ordered.
  • Lovely coffee shop with paired back feel. Very good locally roasted filter coffee along with a breakfast menu and small bites. Lots of nice touches such as the ceramics for sale and small garden out the back
  • Cosy coffee place with a nice market nearby. Good to chill out for a few minutes. Tried their brownie and latte - both were fine.
  • Great coffee, no nonsense
  • Great coffee. Highly recommend.
  • Super juicy espresso, lovely sweetness and balance of acidity. Coleman's is an impressive little speciality shop tucked away by Lower Marsh Market. They roast their own beans in Peckham and have an impressive selection of beans for sale. When I went in and had a browse no bags seemed to have been roasted more than 2 weeks ago which is refreshing considering the age of beans many shops seem happy to sell you. Service was kind and helpful, the interior stands out from the rest with its clean stone look, and my espresso arrived quickly and was presented well. Worth going out of your way to pay a visit to if you're near Waterloo.
  • I live in the area and keep coming back to Coleman Roasters. I especially like their Oat Flat whites, which are of high and even quality. The oat cakes are also a delicious savoury treat that I can recommend warmly.
  • Good coffee place! Quite close to Waterloo station if you want to avoid the masses. The black americano I took was slightly overheated at the beginning, but the soft, smoothy flavour came back nicely later. The place itself is small but uses very well the available space. Great for a short stop and watch people by.
  • Amazing coffee and doing a great job to adhere to health precautions. I wasn’t able to really go into the shop but it seemed very nice.
  • iLove This place ♥♥
  • Very good indeed. 'Nuff said!
  • Great hole in the wall coffee shop. Good coffee with a great atmosphere. Be sure to check out their back patio. Highly recommend.
  • Good coffee, nothing stands out though. The pastries are so good!!
  • Really chilled place with amazing coffee and a great savoury pancakes. Very nice experience.
  • Great coffee, but a tad spendy.
  • Friendly staff, great food and lovely coffee as well as a really nice little garden. As they roast their own coffee beans, you can also buy these here to take home. They'll even grind them for you if you want and you get a free coffee if you buy a bag.
  • Nice, warm place in the London coldest winters. Ideal for a rest after visiting the National Gallery or other tourist attractions in the center.
  • Absolute gem in the Waterloo area. Fantastic coffee brewed from locally roasted beans. Offering a small menu of oatcakes with toppings and sweeties including a rich and decadent brownie. Well pulled coffee drinks made by a friendly staff. Small and cozy outside space, with blankets on offer in colder weather. Great spot, great coffee, great people.
  • Good coffee and small cozy space
  • Great coffee
  • Unassuming and snug here, serving a flavoursome balanced coffee and bites that can hold its ground on a stretch swarming with competing 'all-comers' and 'ave-a-goers.' Reasonable price and pleasant service.
  • Great coffee. Very tasty oatcakes. Well worth popping in for a cup and sit in the lovely, albeit tiny, backgarden.
  • The designer is a wizard/witch, deliciously cold 50ies sleek polished surfaces with Japonica touches of wood and pottery. Coffee good too- even in my caffetiere it gives up that refreshing tang of hipster brew. Very nice.
  • Coleman Coffee Roasters is definitely in my top 3 London coffee shops. I work just around the corner, so I make sure to pop in a couple of times a week - if I'm ever in or around town on the weekend, I also make sure to pop in for a fantastic cuppa, and some delicious treats. There's always a friendly bunch of people working there - highly recommended!
  • Coffee, done well.
  • I went in here for some beans. They made me a fantastic double espresso. Quite literally the best I have ever tasted! It was quite a shock because the place is totally unassuming and you would never guess it could be that good! One secret of amazing coffee is starting with amazing roast coffee beans, and the beans I bought here did NOT disappoint! Now I can have fantastic coffee every morning! Score!
  • Cheap drinks, coffee is at a high standard and the staff are chill. We stayed for a couple of hours with no complaints.
  • Great place for a lazy Sunday newspaper, or a catch up with your favourite person. I will no doubt become a regular.
  • It's basically a crime on my behalf that I didn't leave a review for this place yet. As others mentioned, they have some tough competition with Four Corners next door, and I'm happy I don't have to choose between one or the other, as both serve amazing coffee. If you're there for a breakfast, order some oat pancakes and find a place in their back garden.
  • One of the best coffees I've had in London! Smooth and rich. Great vibe. Definitely going back with a good book
  • First visit. Not disappointed, prices are pretty much in line with other quality coffee roasters. The coffee was smooth and perfectly strong. Would recommend.
  • Cute little cafe with good service, good coffee and a nice garden filled with the smell of the flowers hanging from the trellises
  • The food was very tasty but expensive (£7 for cheese and relish pancakes). the coffee was not good, but that's because I dislike this very bitter coffee that is so loved in London. Others probably love it. The service was really bad. I would love to go back for the food but the incredibly grouchy and rude service, particularly from the main young waiter but also the man I assumed to be the owner was baffling. We all have bad days, I've been a waitress often enough to know, but well....there goes one customer (and I don't think the person with me will be back either)
  • Cool cafe with a back garden available
  • Definitely nicest coffee house near Waterloo station where you can actually have some peace and quiet for a conversation without interruption. Cheap drinks, coffee is at a high standard and the staff are chill af. We stayed for a couple of hours with no complaints.
  • One secret of amazing coffee is starting with amazing roast coffee beans, and the beans I bought here did not disappoint.
  • Fine coffee, nice vibe, has a bit of a garden and there's beans to take home. Nice one
  • Coffee is usually very good. As always however, this depends on the barista (long hair guy seems nice, but needs training). Service in general is terrible. Interior is standard fare.
  • Great coffee, cute garden out back! Great place to work, good wifi but like anywhere bring earphones if you want quiet. It shuts early so do check hours before going.
  • Quickly popped in for a drink, good coffee and good prices
  • Great coffee and friendly staff. I only get the time to go here when I bring my classic car down for Waterloo Classics which is held on Lower Marsh on the 3rd Saturday of the month and Coleman Coffee Roasters in one of the things, besides the cars that I look forward to. Highly recommend
  • Delicious espresso. Smooth, syrupy and minimum acid flavour. Calm and clean shop, very friendly and stoic staff.
  • To my taste this is probably the best espresso in town and beats many of the better known joints like Prufrock. Really friendly and unassuming which makes a change from the affectedly casual (or just downright rude) approach in so many. The beans to go are also excellent.
  • Coleman is difficult to rate because if you've ever had a 10/10 coffee and then Coleman is 12/10. This branch is just as good as their main roastery. Savoury pancakes are good, but not if you're starving. Would have loved to have something more substantial if they expand menu in future.
  • Small place but perfect flat white. Sell their own beans there. Would have picked some up but too many in the cupboard at home.
  • I stopped by to have something to drink here when I was in London. I liked their atmospher, service, cups price and quality. Perfect
  • The coffee was great and all the place is pretty cool. Espresso was my favourite. I tried filter and it was average. Cappuccino could have had better foam.
  • Cozy atmosphere but pricey for what it is (£9 pancakes with bacons and eggs)
  • Go here to get a proper filter coffee! Amazing, two blends to choose from. Highly recommended! Also have a cozy tropical backyard with two tables.
  • Best coffee in the area, and an eclectic assortment of other food and drinks. Friendly staff and a very peaceful garden in the back. Oaties are great for breakfast - I'd never heard of these but they are very tasty!
  • Lovely coffee and nicely decorated. They sell their own coffee beans at reasonable price. In my view, there are competitors in the same street but Coleman really stand out from the rest.
  • An incredibly adorned space for a contemporary, specialty coffee shop. Coffee & Service are first-rate. Genuine terrazzo coats the walls and surfaces like a luxurious public bath house — the lore of where this comes from is definitely worth asking about and adds to the experience. The yard is another peculiarity: pomegranates growing with sufficient exhuberance above a vent for the Bakerloo line depot.
  • The filter coffee this week was from Guatemala and was excellent. Staff are unassuming but gracious and hard working. And the oatcakes were a revelation. Back patio has lots of character.
  • Consistently outstanding coffee. I work in a coffee shop and our coffee is very good. This coffee is better. Good food too.
  • Agreed with another poster below, for me this is one of the best coffees in town. They also sell beans which they grind for you. Best thing are the staff, they are genuinely friendly
  • Nice and light. Hipsterest of hipster coffee joints, selling Iranian pistachio nougat for twenty quid next to coffee beans roasted by angels from a farm collective in Columbia, etc.
  • Love this place. Great staff & fantastic coffee. Free coffee when you buy beans which are gorgeous. Both espresso and filter. Get your coffee here
  • Beautiful little gem of a coffee shop, with delectable poised composite stone surfaces. Beautiful outdoor space. Excellent coffee, but sadly only serve whole milk. Very little in the way of food, but the oatmeal pancakes with whey butter are the USP here, and they're delicious, but (along with the whole milk) are not very healthy. No wifi, and in winter, freezing cold interior. Accept contactless/card.
  • The coffee here is rich, some of the best in London. But the baristas lack personality and quite frankly are cold and unfriendly. Still, when you just want that perfect coffee, it's one of the best in the area.
  • Probably my favourite cafe in London. Wonderful coffee of course, brilliant oatcakes, and the most friendly and warm service ever. A must try!
  • Good coffee but price performance is bad. Especially the oat crepes are very expensive considering beeing still hungry after 2 portions.
  • Great coffee and really friendly staff. I recommend this place!
  • Incredible coffee-INCREDIBLE! And lovely people too. Oh and pancakes also delicious
  • Great coffee, delicious oat pancakes and a lovely little garden out the back that takes you right to Thailand 🙂
  • Lovely coffee roasters and coffee ....v friendly lot with small but cosy tea garden at the back. The have a limited but nice selection of cakes. Defo worth a visit on the busy lower marsh
  • absolutely terrific coffee, small but clean and chilled out atmosphere - love this place.
  • Great flat white, tucked away behind Waterloo and well worth a visit
  • Very good, but not amazing flat white, but I'm pretty picky about coffee. Lovely little cafe and setting in a somewhat sketchy area of town. The food looked very good but I didn't eat any.
  • Great coffee - but disappointingly no wifi so not somewhere you can work for a bit on your laptop, not one for the digital nomads of the world!
  • A great new coffee shop on Lower Marsh, offering great coffee, friendly staff and also delicious oatcakes. Also, make sure to check out their garden/terraced area it's pretty damn good.
  • Awesome little coffee roastery, just a few minutes away from Waterloo mainline.
  • Great coffee, served at the right size and tastes great. Some of the best coffee around Waterloo
  • Small cafe with nice selection of coffee and food (oatcakes for instance, which are similar to pancakes) as well as a few more unusual sourced cakes and drinks from outside the UK.
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