cooking lab burger restaurant

cooking lab burger restaurant
IF YOU LIKE BURGERS AND YOU HAVENT BEEN TO cooking lab burger restaurant

Address: 29 Quadrant Arcade, Romford RM1 3ED.
Fourth time trying out cooking lab burger restaurant 😋.
 Everyone really needs to try out this place the food is 👌.
We went for Double Lab Box (£9) 😍
But we added an extra patty to the Burger making it 3 juicy patties and we also added extra lab sauce hence why the burgers dripping in sauce 😏. This Burger is amazing its full of flavour and the pattys are so juicy, everyone needs to try it 🙌.
We also went for 8 Wings with the Signature lab sauce and BBQ sauce 🤤. The Wings were some of the best wings Ive had, it was the first time I tried their wings and they definitely didn’t disappoint 👌.
They were very crispy and tender 🥺.
(4 extra wings were given for spending over £20 on our order)
The Chicken Chunks (8pcs for £4) 😁
again we went for the Lab Sauce Glaze and BBQ glaze 🙌. The Chicken Chunks were very tender, they were very crispy and bursting with flavour 😎.
Lastly, these guys don’t disappoint with their Milkshakes, it was the fourth time trying their Biscoff Milkshake (£5) 😍😍😍.
The Milkshakes always have great consistency and this time it definitely hit the spot after that big burger 😂.
  • Burger: 9/10
  • Wings: 9/10
  • Chicken Chunks: 9/10
  • Milkshakes: 9/10
  • Fries: 7/10
  • Price:  7/10
  • Overall: 8/10

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