Chicos loaded fries

Chicos loaded fries
With Another smash burger contender in the game.
▫️Smash burger (£6.50)
▫️Loaded fries (£4.50)
Definitely the cheapest smash burger I’ve eaten. No frills just fantastic quality tasting burger. What makes this smash burger stand out from the rest is the buns; simultaneously light yet sturdy. Guessing the starch in them helps retain the freshness of Buns, absorbing all the juice yet doesn’t leave you that soggy texture, just perfect bites all round.
Loaded fries. Wouldn’t even call this a side, the portion is absolutely WHAM 😂 a very popular side dish & I can see why. First loaded fries I’ve tried which are topped in shredded chicken so not your usual mince/beef. A mix of cheese and special sauce which tasted v.similar to the Algerian. Easily shareable between 2.

Fantastic value for money all round!


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